Some People Just Can’t Let Others Be Happy

It never fails. Ever since coming out in 2017 and starting hormones in March 2018, there have been a few people at least who have tried to knock me down a few pegs.

My aunt in 2017 disowned me violently, telling me I shouldn’t dare have sex with a man, and then telling me I was no longer family. My response was to stop talking to her as well. We haven’t spoken since July 2017, and it’s not like we have plans to kiss and make up.

My ex-best friend told me I was confused and I should just be happy with the way God made me. It was hard losing her, but cutting her off became easy when she told me “no one is really gay and you can control your tendencies.” And she had the audacity to tell me I was confused.

Someone from New Life told me I was sinning and it was a lifestyle. My response was I go to work, I buy groceries, I drink plenty of coffee and Rosé… I’m really no different than you. She still told me I was sinning. I lost all desire to walk back in that church.

Someone came on here and left a comment that said I was following a fad. I chuckled as I deleted the troll’s comment. Trans people have always been here, and I get that bigots want us back in the closet. Ain’t going to happen.

My stepfather has said some things as well, including telling me that my departed Mother would be royally pissed off at me. I was like she’s been gone for going on 10 years; how the hell would you know? He also told me “God intended for you to use the equipment he gave you.” And… he has bad vision, yet he corrected it with glasses.

Several people, in their “concerned bigot” stance, tell me they’re praying for me. I just love people who pray for me to be miserable, don’t you? They’re unhappy, so they want me to be unhappy.

I had an ex-friend tell me he wasn’t a bigot, and then started using “I identify as” jokes in my presence. He was quickly cut off, and I never want to speak with him again. Then again, this guy was incredibly upset that I don’t really want to hang around men in general. He’s a hypocritical leader.

In conclusion, one thing I’ve learned in Applied Behavior Analysis is that a function of behavior is attention-seeking. When these people try to cut me down, they’re only seeking attention, and the response is planned ignorance. We don’t respond to that nonsense here, and any transphobic comments will be deleted.

By adventureswithambermarie

Just a 38 year old trans girl roaming around Holland, MI. My old life wasn't as glamorous as my webpage made it look. Transphobic comments will automatically be deleted and you will be blocked.

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