As I sit here at 5+ months into transition, I am realizing that self-care is so important, more important than I realized. This is what I’m doing to take care of myself as this goes on.

Donna Cano (wonderful human being) has been asking what time I go to bed and what time I get up. She also asked “if you only live 15 minutes away, why do you get up so early?” And the question hit me. Why am I waking 2+ hours early when I don’t live that far away? And my scrambled eggs aren’t that

So here’s what I’ll do… I’ll start going to bed a bit earlier, then move my wake time to 3:45. Something like that.

I’m eating better too. Granted, I’m looking for more ways to prepare eggs, I just know a carb-heavy breakfast no longer works. With oatmeal, I’m looking for more food within a couple hours. With eggs, I can wait until 9.

I am impressing upon my dad that we don’t need to go out as much. Every time I go out, it’s chicken fingers. For days. Fried food can’t be all that great every day.

Yes… more water. Why can coffee and wine go down like a heavy kid on a see saw, but getting my water intake is a bummer some days?

Self-care means no added responsibilities at this time. At 5 months, nothing is settled in my head, so that means not taking on anything new at the center (or with Gender SAFE), this means not seeking a new job or promotion at my current one, and it means no grad school at this time. I’ve decided that if I do go, I take the part time route and finish in 4 years.

And self-care means seeking appropriate physical touch. Tonight, my stylist at Mia Bella hugged me like she meant it.

There’s more, I’m sure…


By adventureswithambermarie

Just a 38 year old trans girl roaming around Holland, MI. My old life wasn't as glamorous as my webpage made it look. Transphobic comments will automatically be deleted and you will be blocked.

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