Changes are coming… and they can be scary.

Before I asked to be put on estrogen and t-blockers, I did some research. And I found out that a whole bunch of changes are coming.

Day 12 in this process. I already noticed one change: my penis is going limp. Unable to maintain an erection. And I noticed sexual arousal is more of a full body sensation.

In a few weeks, breast growth will start. It’ll begin with a couple bumps near the nipples, and then I’ll start to grow. However, research indicates I might not go past a B-cup.

I will lose muscle mass and strength. How much is undetermined, but I know it’s up to me to keep cross-training and building up as much strength as I can. Running is my main thing, but yoga and Pilates will help slow down this change.

I’ll become sterile. This is what I wanted.

Fat will redistribute around the waist and hips. See what I mentioned about yoga and Pilates. I also do TurboFire, which is HIIT workouts.

I could go on. But this link explains it all so much better than I can.

By adventureswithambermarie

Just a 38 year old trans girl roaming around Holland, MI. My old life wasn't as glamorous as my webpage made it look. Transphobic comments will automatically be deleted and you will be blocked.

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