So many questions without answers

I knew that hormones and transition would be a matter of time.  However, I have at least a million questions, most of them are without answers.

  1. I know my body hair will thin out. Will what’s on top of my head start growing longer?
  2. Do you shrink on estrogen? I am having height dysphoria at 6’2″.
  3. What about my feet? Will I be ordering my shoes online for awhile?
  4. Will the hormones let me take a more feminine shape? Yoga and Pilates only go so far.
  5. If no on 4, what about shape wear? I heard Spanx is great.
  6. Does makeup get easier? Feels like I’m hurrying.

This is just a sample of what I’m feeling right now. A million things running around my head and hardly anyone to talk to about them right now. I’m hoping to sit down with a few of my fellow trans women and find out for sure.

Then again, I do have an appointment with an endocrinologist on March 13, and I can get answers there.

By adventureswithambermarie

Just a 38 year old trans girl roaming around Holland, MI. My old life wasn't as glamorous as my webpage made it look. Transphobic comments will automatically be deleted and you will be blocked.

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